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Training for the upper body muscle

As a beginner it is important to get a proper exercise program as the foundation of body building. If you've made a mistake early, then the error will continue to be done as a habit because it is comfortable.

Wrong habits can be changed by running and studying the right exercise program, so it can get the most out of the pattern of exercise that you run and will not have difficulty moving to advanced courses of lifting weights because it already understands the basis of all movements on the program that will Run.

Here's an exercise pattern to train your upper body for you who are a beginner in weight lifting:

1. Barbell Bench Press [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

2. Dumbbell Flye [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

3. Barbell Bent Over Row [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

4. Lat Pulldown [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

5. Overhead Dumbbell Press [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Repetition]

6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

7. Barbell Bicep Curl [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

8. Preacher Curl [3 Set] [10, 12, 15 Repetition]

9. Skull Crusher [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

10. Rope Press Down [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]


1. As a beginner, you must master all movements in this program well and correctly.

2. Pause breaks between sets of 20-30 seconds

3. Use the heaviest load you can lift as many as 10 reps in the first set, then less the load in the second set and add the number of reps to 12 reps, and in the third set to 15 reps.

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Training for the upper body muscle : my life as blogger

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