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should you get supplements to boost your body training?

Supplements become very familiar among fitness people, because these supplements are an important part in the fulfillment of nutrients that are less than our daily diet

"Supplements are one of the health products that contain more than one nutrient or medicine, these nutrients in the form of proteins, amino acids, creatine, L-carnitine and others"

Many lay people ask, if fitness needs to use supplements or not, use the supplement quickly or not become muscular? Use supplements that are halal or not? Use supplements that are safe or not?

Should consume supplements when fitness?

In fact as a fitness mania supplement it is needed as a supporter of the body's nutritional needs, because of the daily diet can be said to be less, sports fitness can be regarded as a sport that has a very high intensity that requires adequate intake of nutrients, especially protein as a muscle builder, Protein for a body builder can be 2x - 3x body weight, even more than that, so require additional nutrients from supplements, supplements can not only be obtained from on the market, but can jg obtained from everyday food

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Is using a muscle development supplement going to be fast?

The answer can be yes and no, supplements such as drugs, which can match or not with the human body, if the supplement matches the body then the muscle development will be significant even within weeks already looks the difference, but if the supplement is not compatible with the body, then There is no change, or it may be the slow-absorbing body of all the nutrients, so that the development becomes slow.

Is the supplement safe and lawful?

The supplements are safe as long as they are used in accordance with their needs and are not excessive, make sure to use supplements tailored to the way they are packaged, supplements include halal foods for supplements that do not use capsules as their medium, protein supplements like weight gainer, whey protein, L-carnitine Is a processed product of cow's milk, why I say halal, because in the process of making cow's milk is still alive and there is no addition of other ingredients, except capsule media, so for fitness mania muslim, must avoid this.

But of all the things described above, the results obtained in fitness, bodybulider 90% determined by the pattern of exercise and discipline, rest and programmed correctly, supplements only hold the role of 10% of all, good luck!


Training for the upper body muscle

As a beginner it is important to get a proper exercise program as the foundation of body building. If you've made a mistake early, then the error will continue to be done as a habit because it is comfortable.

Wrong habits can be changed by running and studying the right exercise program, so it can get the most out of the pattern of exercise that you run and will not have difficulty moving to advanced courses of lifting weights because it already understands the basis of all movements on the program that will Run.

Here's an exercise pattern to train your upper body for you who are a beginner in weight lifting:

1. Barbell Bench Press [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

2. Dumbbell Flye [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

3. Barbell Bent Over Row [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

4. Lat Pulldown [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

5. Overhead Dumbbell Press [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Repetition]

6. Dumbbell Lateral Raise [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

7. Barbell Bicep Curl [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

8. Preacher Curl [3 Set] [10, 12, 15 Repetition]

9. Skull Crusher [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]

10. Rope Press Down [3 Sets] [10, 12, 15 Reps]


1. As a beginner, you must master all movements in this program well and correctly.

2. Pause breaks between sets of 20-30 seconds

3. Use the heaviest load you can lift as many as 10 reps in the first set, then less the load in the second set and add the number of reps to 12 reps, and in the third set to 15 reps.

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Muscle training pattern to avoid injury

Injured joints will be very disturbing activities, disrupted joint systems will complicate your routine in lifting weights, so it is necessary to choose the right training pattern to avoid injury to the joints.

In the previous article you have got the practice pattern for the leg and back muscles and bicep muscles. So this time will be given the pattern of exercise for the whole body part. This exercise pattern uses a lot of machine tools that can reduce the risk of excessive stress on your joints.

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Understanding the correct technique is the key to avoid injury to the joints, then make sure you have correctly understood every movement that exists in this exercise pattern.
Pattern of Body Exercise Overall

1. Walking Lunge [1 Set] [6 Reps / Legs] [Pause of Rest 10 Seconds]

2. Chin Up [3 Sets] [8 Reps] [Break Pause 10 Seconds]

3. Dumbbel Shoulder Press [3 Sets] [8 Repetitions] [Pause of Rest 30-60 Seconds]

4. Smith Machine Squat [3 Sets] [10-20 Reps] [Break Pause 30-60 Seconds]

5. Seated Cable Row [3 Sets] [10-20 Reps] [Pause for Rest 30-60 Seconds]

6. Smith Machine Incline Chest Press [3 Sets] [8 Reps] [Break Pause 30-60 Seconds]

7. Reverse Tricep Pushdown [3 Sets] [10-20 Reps] [Break Pause 30-60 Seconds]

8. Straight Bar Cable Curl [3 Sets] [10-20 Reps] [Break Pauses 30-60 Seconds]