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bad habits that make body store useless fat

Hello everyone, it is unconscious most of us have some habits that unconsciously make our stomach doubled and make us look unhealthy in the end. Today I will describe some bad habits that should be avoided if you want to have a body like Bruce Lee, or Jessica Alba (she's been pregnant, what are your reasons?)

Well, some bad habits that can be reduced today are also:

1. Watching and Snacking

You will unconsciously spend 2 cans of pringles if not arrested, because when we watch, we will not notice how many snacks are spent, even if you want to snack, make 1 portion to taste. Even if it is up, exchange with water.

You want to watch what to eat anyway?

Oh yes, low-salt popcorn is relatively safe because it has fiber rather than potato chips which average per pack has 500-700 calories.

2. Too little or too much sleep

Lacking or most sleep stimulates the ghremlin hormones that make you hungry for no reason, good sleep is about 6-7 hours.

Even if you mostly sleep, can your life run out about 20 years just to snore, while you are not hibernating in winter is not it?

3. Drinking Soda

This habit is ugly, soda water is 100% chemical, and there is no natural element in it, carbonic acid is eroded rust on the wheel and even clean the toilet,

You drink it with a happy heart? Think well again, the soda-filled nature of sugar, adding hundreds of unnecessary calories into your body, even those using artificial sugar / aspartame will boost your body to look for sugar intake from other sources.

Easily, you just spend money on this drink. Should leave a little of your snack to buy fruits or make your own natural juice at home.

4. Combo Meals

You may feel you are saving money, but actually combo meals are just a veiled marketing practice, your stomach gets bigger and your pockets are thinning anyway?

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5. Too much reflection and lack of exercise

Your mirror and brain help make you think you are 10 times more interesting than the original, so rather than cheating yourself, please exercise

If you have time to reflect on a daily basis, you also have time to exercise, how do you skipping in front of a mirror? Sounds stupid? I know why, so do not look for excuses. Exercise there!

6. Emotional

Precisely, when you are emotional and you channel it to food it is a stupid act.

When you are emotional, look for ways to get it right, talk to your mother, to your friends. times they have a solution anyway? 1 bar brown is not anything at all, but believe me, your friend seems to have a solution that can be considered rather than your candied bucket it. Okay??

If you have a target body that you want to achieve from the first, gradually reduce this habit

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