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the 5 × 5 program to build your muscle

One of the most popular programs to increase muscle mass in bodybuilders today is the 5 × 5 program. The main goal in this exercise program is to train your muscles three times a week, while providing recovery time for your muscles, in order to grow to the fullest.

This program is designed to train strength because the most noticeable effect in this exercise is the increased strength of the athlete. In addition to strength training, the focus in this exercise is to increase maximum muscle growth, while you eat foods that contain enough calories for your muscle growth. What you need to take note of, you should have a good basic training program before starting this exercise program.

The 5 × 5 program is designed for periodization, by changing the exercise program to progress in your workouts continuously and altering your muscle stimuli. Increases more muscle strength every week, and also gives time for recovery for muscles to grow larger, while preventing you from overtrainig. The 5 × 5 program is designed to increase your muscle strength and mass within 9 weeks, with weeks to 1-6 is the week of preparation and while the 7-9 week is the peak of the exercise.
Preparation period (Week 1-6):

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The first weeks of the 5 × 5 Program is a time when your body muscles adapt to the exercises applied.
Selecting the load used:

During this week you can choose a load that can be used in practice, to reach 5 sets with 5 reps. The load you use should not be too light, but you must use the maximum load you can lift to complete the 5 sets with 5 reps.
Increase load force:

If the first week you have successfully passed the weight of the load you have used, then increase the burden you use about 2-5 kg ​​for the following weeks. Again you need to pay attention here is if you want to raise the load to be used, you must be able to lift it and complete the set-by-set that has been determined. At 4-6 weeks you must complete the maximum reps with the maximum weight and this aims to build strength.
Peak phase (weeks 7-9)

After you complete the preparatory phase (around 4-6 weeks) then you start practicing at this peak phase you can do the drop set technique that is just reducing the load used. From the maximum load to the lowest load and you keep doing the motions of 5 sets X 5 reps.

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