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bodybuilder training for men

There are no special rules for choosing loads in bodybuilding speed training. The benchmark is just, select the maximum load that lets you use the right speed. It should be light enough, but it must also be quite heavy so you can not be faster than your ideal speed. The load you choose should dictate your maximum speed to fit the principle of the speed training itself. Example: if you can finish the concentric movement in 0.75 seconds, that means the load is too light. You can find out by pairs of loads 60-70% of normal load you normally use (this is not one rep max).
The correct technique


The important thing about speed training is the uninterrupted muscle contraction during the execution of the movement. That means you will generate momentum that will likely lower the contraction load on the muscle being trained at a certain point when the execution of the movement is done. It should be avoided by:

>> Wear Super-Strict form. There should be no cheating during the execution of the movement. If it is done, then you will lose muscle contraction that is being trained.

>> Wear progressive acceleration. As the mass of the object accelerated its movement, it will create momentum that will make the burden as if it feels light when the speed is lowered / stopped. It should be avoided by continuing to raise speed until the set finishes. That way will create power and muscles will continue to be in pressure. If you cheat, take advantage of momentum to lift the load, your muscles do not contract at all. Therefore do not be tempted to use maximum strength at the beginning of practice sessions, and should rise gradually, ie at the point 1/3 to ½ part of the movement path itself.
Variety of speed training techniques in bodybuilding


The goal of speed training in bodybuilding is simply to increase the intensity of the exercise, break the plateau. There are several methods you can use here:

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>> Constant Speed ​​Training. Repetition is done at high speed, but without acceleration it is impossible to do, because every bodybuilder will definitely apply the acceleration to a certain speed. In constant speed training, you should try to accelerate the load force from 1/3 to ½ part of the movement, then keep trying to maintain a constant but high speed, at the end of the movement.

Explosive / Ballistic Training. This speed training technique is most popular today. Explosive means involves recruiting large amounts of muscle fibers very quickly, and is kinetic by continuously accelerating movement, especially in its concentric phase. The effectiveness of this method depends on two factors: 1) Continuous muscle contraction during motion execution is done, plus continuously trying to accelerate movement, all to ensure that the momentum created from that burden does not damage the muscle contractions that often threaten Constant Speed ​​Training; And 2) the recruitment pattern of muscle motor units is more inclined to power.

>> CAT (Compensatory Acceleration Training). In practice (eg Squat), mechanical movements continue to change throughout the movement, as well as muscle contractions also change throughout movement. In the CAT, the athlete deliberately accelerates his movement at the point where the strength begins to recover to keep the muscle contraction high. For example, in a squat, strength begins to recover as it passes a critical point as the movement rises and that's when the athlete begins to exert all his energy in this phase.

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