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sideplank body training for women

Almost everyone in the world wants to have a sixpack stomach, they train the abdominal muscles tooth and nail to get it all. In addition to abominal muscles both the top and bottom, of course, muscles that we must train also is the oblique. ... what kind of techniques are effective effects?

Oblique muscle is a rather difficult part to form. In addition to running a consistent exercise program, must also be balanced with a clean diet to get the muscle oblique dry and charming. In addition oblique muscles including muscles that are fairly difficult to train, because this muscle is slightly different from the other abdominal muscles.

Muscle oblique

Therefore, in training the oblique muscles should not use heavy loads. Because instead will make your waist muscles become more muscular, not drying. Therefore, in training the muscle oblique is highly recommended to use their own weight and done by reps reps in each set

Here is an exercise program designed to train your oblique muscles. This exercise can be done anywhere either at home or in the gym, and can also be done by anyone. Watch for the execution!
Side Plank

>> Lie down on the floor, with a sideways position and hands propped up on the floor, while the other hand holds the head. Keep your back straight. In this position try to keep all the abdominal muscles are constricted to get maximum results. [A]

>> Lower your hand above your head to touch the floor, keep abdominal muscles to get maximum results. In this position feel the withdrawal on your oblique muscle, and do this move slowly [B]. Then go back to the original position, do to reach a set. Then continue on the next abdominal muscle.
Perform 3 X 20 - 30 Reps.
Finger To Heel Oblique Touch

>> Lie on the floor with the body like you want to crunch, but the hand is beside your body. Lie down and lift your head slightly.

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>> Then move your hand towards the side until it touches the ankle, the position of the head remains slightly raised. Perform this movement slowly and feel the pressure on the oblique muscle. Set your breath, breath in lying position and exhale as you touch the ankle [B]. Then return to the starting position and do the next oblique muscle

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