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Taking your own photo is beneficial when you do diet

People are reluctant to take a physical photo of themselves before starting a fatloss program because it looks ugly, disgusted and humiliated. Yet precisely by observing the photo before, you will be more motivated to exercise and diet. Photos never lie. Even if you have never been interested in entering a bodybuilding competition, taking photos before starting a fitness program is important. This is an important decision that will determine whether you will succeed or not. Keep the photo safe.

When you feel very bored and lazy exercise or dieting, reopening the photo will remind you how ugly before starting the program, while encouraging the spirit to return to the correct path. When you've managed to get the physical dream, reopen the photo before you just reminded if you do not want to return kemasa ago again, making it as a motivation to remain consistent exercise and diet. All that is impossible to realize if you never take a photo of yourself before. I know a monk who always keeps his super-stubby before-his-wall photo in his wallet. Now I know for what he did.
7. Get black and white syndrome

Example: A person has just spent 2 practice sessions per week for a thing, then he immediately gives up and never rehearsals. Here's an example of a "black-and-white" syndrome or all-or-nothing syndrome. Many who are not aware of a person can be improved health, but visible. This syndrome is usually owned by those who are perfectionists or lazy. Like a car, if you get a bare tire, what is your reaction? The answers are diverse. If you can, you will change the tire. If you do not know how, you will tell people to solve the problem. The logical choice is to fix and replace it. The same thing can happen in the fitness world. All beginners initially depart from the condition of the bare tire was. Instead of fixing it, they force defeats all the tires. A saying like 'it's getting wet gentlemen' applies here.

A similar case occurs in exercise. Maybe you've read if the morning exercise can burn a lot of fat. Without arguing further, the person affected by this syndrome would react, "If you can not afford the morning exercises, it's better not to practice at all." In reality, exercise in the afternoon or evening is better than nothing. The important thing is consistent and done when you have a lot of energy. Be flexible and do not fall into the "black and white" syndrome.

The name of life, there will be a barrier. You can choose, want to be rigid and inflexible and let it ruin your fitness program, OR stay away from this attitude of syndrome and try to adapt to the conditions.

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