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Indicator to measure your training results

When exercising, the heart muscle should be used as an indicator to determine what to do in practice. This can be done by calculating the heart rate limit manually, or automatic (like on the cardio workout machine and other pulse measuring devices). Age greatly affects the working function of the heart muscle. Therefore, the ability of the heart muscle to be able to maximal work will be found differently in each person. Before, during exercise, and after undergoing a physical exercise session, it is highly recommended to control the pulse rate and measure your ability by referring to the maximum pulse rate.
Target Heart Rate

50 - 60% Moderate Activity
60 - 70% Weight Control / Fat Burner
70 - 80% Cardio Aerobic
80 - 90% Maximum performance (Athlete)

Pay attention! In the relaxed state, the maximum limit of normal heart rate is 100. During practice, to measure the heart rate of the heart rate, first establish some percentage of the heart rate of the maximum pulse you want to achieve. In this case, for each sport is different. Highly recommended for advance consultation with a doctor, or an exercise specialist.

In children and adolescents, the following formula can not be used because the level of the pulse dynamics is too varied at the age of children and adolescents. When the maximum pulse rate is exceeded, it means that the training load has exceeded the capacity. This can lead to anaerobic metabolism, ie when the muscle contracts do not use energy from oxygen. So the muscle produces energy without going through oxygen, so it will produce a lot of lactic acid. If lactic acid has a lot and accumulate, can cause muscle pain and even the possibility of damage to the muscle.
Calculate maximum pulse rate:

220 - Age (min 20 years old)


A person with the age of 40 will have a max pulse rate. 220 - 40 = 180. If the person performs an Aerobic Treadmill exercise with a procentage of 60% - 80% of the maximum pulse rate, then:

60% X 180 = 108

80% X 180 = 144

Based on this value can be concluded that the ideal exercise should be done when the person's pulse is worth 108 to 144.

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