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definition of ideal body for men

What exactly is the ideal body shape favored by today's women? Are they still stunned to see the muscular shape of Dwayne Johnson is always consistent with the big muscle? Or just like lean and toned like Andrew Garfield in Spiderman? Or a more general form like the figure of Nicholas Saputra?

In order for you (read: men) to get the answer to this question, surfey has done and here's the answer. 72% of most opinions fall to body shape with dry or lean and toned muscles. While what is quite surprising is the reaction of women to the figure of muscular man, because it only reaches a percentage of 7% only. Yes, the remaining 21% of the real voice returns to glance at a more real or normal profile.

Speaking of lean and toned bodies, one participant in the poll has its own reasons, "Maybe I am influenced by some films that show lean and toned bodies to look so perfect. My shadow, muscular men for Indonesian men who average not too high even make them look short, "he said. A similar opinion was also shared by another participant named Yantica Steffani who mentioned that lean and toned bodies look healthier, "if you see a man with a body like Dwayne Johnson, I like to suspect that the man is taking a steroid supplement. Moreover, the impression that appears to look so fierce, "said Yantica.

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In addition to realize a sturdy body but still slim is not as easy as when you want to form a muscular body. You need to eliminate the fat that is in the body first, before train the muscles. Cardio exercises such as running or aerobic exercise play a major role in burning calories and lowering fat levels. According to the American Council on Exercise, a certified body fitness organization, you better practice using light loads but with high repitition intensity. Exercise continues until your muscle fatigue is thorough, so the muscle contraction becomes maximal and perfect.

On the other hand, the use of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) tools such as those offered by 20FIT can also help build muscle mass faster. Of course the exercise should be maximal and need to be interspersed with other sports such as jogging or bike.

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