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Milk goat vs cow's milk, which will you choose?

The milk protein content of goats and cows is relatively the same, although the element (alpha-s-1) casein in cow's milk is not present in goat's milk. While vitamin A goat milk more, as well as with vitamin B, especially riboflavin and niacin, although it must be recognized vitamin B6 and B12 content in cow milk much more. Goat milk is also rich in minerals, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine and manganese. The content of sodium, iron, sulfur, zinc and molybdenum elements is lower. The content of enzyme ribonuclease, alkaline phosphatase, lipase and xanthine oxidase in goat's milk is also lower.

Goat milk contains more short-chain fatty acids when compared with fatty acids in cow's milk. The difference is suspected to cause goat milk more easily digested. In addition, the size of goat milk fat granules is smaller when compared with cow's milk or other milk. The composition and structure of goat and cow's milk fat have differences. Goat milk fat grains measuring 2 micrometers, while fat cow's milk measuring 2.5-3.5 micrometers. With smaller fat sizes, goat's milk is faster dispersed and the mixture is more homogeneous (evenly). Goat milk contains 32.6% calcium and 27% phosphorus from daily basic needs. While cow's milk only gives 29.7% calcium and 23.2% of phosphorus from daily needs.

As a source of calcium, goat's milk is good for the maintenance of strength and bone density. In the process of neutralizing the bones, calcium and phosphorus form calcium phosphate, which is a major component of complex minerals that make up structure and strength to bone. Calcium protects the colon cells from cancer risk due to chemicals that pass through it, prevents bone loss after menopause or arthritis, prevents migraines, lowers the risk of symptoms of syndrome

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easy ways preventing the fat storage in your belly

If you already have a flat stomach and not bloated, you need to maintain it. Because there are still many of you who want a flat stomach. And to get a flat stomach also requires a struggle, so it's useless if you already have a flat stomach but you do not keep and become distended later on. But how to keep the stomach flat? Reporting from Womenshealthmag, limit some of these foods to keep your stomach flat.

Vegetables are greasy
Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale is a type of greasy vegetable. However, these vegetables also contain many nutrients the body needs, therefore small amounts of consumption you can do.

The food is marinated or visit
Chips, canned food, and high-fetus sodium foods. Sodium can make fluids stay in the body resulting in magnification of the abdomen and other body parts. Avoid high intake of sodium foods as much as possible to keep the stomach flat.

Air bubbles in the soda will stay in the stomach and cause flatulence and enlargement. The best drink is water, which helps 'cleanse' the stomach so that it looks more flat.

Artificial sweeteners
We recommend limiting the various artificial sweeteners that exist in the food packaging you consume. You may consume it in small amounts and not excessive so as not to affect your waist circumference.

That's the tips to keep your stomach flat, besides how to keep your stomach flat above you also have to balance it with regular exercise to keep your stomach flat.


definition of ideal body for men

What exactly is the ideal body shape favored by today's women? Are they still stunned to see the muscular shape of Dwayne Johnson is always consistent with the big muscle? Or just like lean and toned like Andrew Garfield in Spiderman? Or a more general form like the figure of Nicholas Saputra?

In order for you (read: men) to get the answer to this question, surfey has done and here's the answer. 72% of most opinions fall to body shape with dry or lean and toned muscles. While what is quite surprising is the reaction of women to the figure of muscular man, because it only reaches a percentage of 7% only. Yes, the remaining 21% of the real voice returns to glance at a more real or normal profile.

Speaking of lean and toned bodies, one participant in the poll has its own reasons, "Maybe I am influenced by some films that show lean and toned bodies to look so perfect. My shadow, muscular men for Indonesian men who average not too high even make them look short, "he said. A similar opinion was also shared by another participant named Yantica Steffani who mentioned that lean and toned bodies look healthier, "if you see a man with a body like Dwayne Johnson, I like to suspect that the man is taking a steroid supplement. Moreover, the impression that appears to look so fierce, "said Yantica.

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In addition to realize a sturdy body but still slim is not as easy as when you want to form a muscular body. You need to eliminate the fat that is in the body first, before train the muscles. Cardio exercises such as running or aerobic exercise play a major role in burning calories and lowering fat levels. According to the American Council on Exercise, a certified body fitness organization, you better practice using light loads but with high repitition intensity. Exercise continues until your muscle fatigue is thorough, so the muscle contraction becomes maximal and perfect.

On the other hand, the use of Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) tools such as those offered by 20FIT can also help build muscle mass faster. Of course the exercise should be maximal and need to be interspersed with other sports such as jogging or bike.