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this expert recommends weird way to treat acne

Acne is considered a nightmare that often haunts a person, especially women. Not only does it make the appearance less unsightly, acne is also an indication that you have probably been less painstaking in keeping your face clean or there are certain health problems you are not aware of.

Various treatments may have been lived, some even need to take antibiotics within a certain period. However, there are sometimes long-term effects that must be experienced when a person takes antibiotics to prevent acne. To avoid such long-term effects, usually someone will prefer to perform treatment and external treatment. Some of the effective external treatments can be more expensive than other treatments so a special budget is needed to deal with stubborn acne.

London skincare expert Nataliya Robinson suggests an effective method, but it will not drain your pocket. Reported by DailyMail, Nataliya often use a homemade mask that the main ingredients derived from certain medications. However, you do not need to worry because this medicine is not to be drunk, but to be applied to the face.

Is an aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid acids used by Nataliya to treat acne, including inflamed inflamed pimples. The drug is often used Nataliya to cure acne when he was 13 years old. According to a woman who has been a skin care specialist since 2002, aspirin is a natural, yet effective, method for curing acne. The content of acetylsalicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect that plays an important role in the healing of inflamed acne. This will make the acne smaller so that more disguised.

To treat acne with aspiring steps that need to be done quite easily. Prepare a grain of aspirin that is not frothy and water sufficiently. Then grind the aspirin tablet and mix it with enough water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the inflamed acne area and let stand for 15-20 minutes before washing the face. According to Nataliya, this method is better when compared with the consumption of antibiotics.

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Treating acne with aspiring previously also been done by a beauty editor named Beth Nottingham. Beth experimented with aspirin. He made aspirin a mask and applied it all over his face.

The beauty editor tells of her experience with the aspirin experiment on her beauty website, xovain. He revealed that aspirin contains salicylic acid which serves to shrink the swelling, shrink the pores and soften the scaly skin.

He pounded five tablets into aspirin powder mixed with a spoon of yoghurt and honey. Aspirin mask is applied to the entire face and allowed to stand for 20 minutes. After drying, wash your face with warm water.

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