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Limit Safe Caffeine Consumption

For some people, caffeine is a must-drink every day. But do you know the safe limit of caffeine consumption every day?

You want to look fresh in front of your boss during the morning meeting? Or you want to relieve sleepiness due to lack of sleep at night? Against drowsiness when going to presentation? Of course the answer is you need caffeine. But, how do I get the "fresh" effect immediately without getting a heart-pounding effect? Previously let us learn the following.

According to research published in the Brain Cognition Journal your mind's processing ability will increase as you consume 400mg of caffeine in a single session. To know more clearly, consider the following two important things:

1. Pay attention to the content you consume

400 divided by the content of a serving of the drink you consume. Rub your eyes and look at the drink list below.

You can also combine several types of drinks in one session, just to make a variation.

2. Calculate your drinking time.

Caffeine takes 30 - 45 minutes to react. But, because the effect will be gone for a long time, 4-6 hours to metabolize half of the amount you consume, then you may need to drink less than 400 mg of caffeine if you want to eat it during the day.

All you need to remember is that if consuming this drink too much will give effect that is not good for your body. For example, heart palpitations, tremors and stomach problems. So be careful before eating, do not let not the fresh effects you get otherwise you will be busy taking care of your troubled stomach in the bathroom.

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