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why drinking water is highly recommended when you do diet

Limiting the food consumed by regulating portions, avoiding fatty foods and exercising routine, is a diet pattern that has long been practiced by many people. Among the various activities, there is one thing that should not be released and it is important to establish a healthy diet, which is routine and drink plenty of water.

Water is believed to be a way to lose weight faster. This is arguably true and there is a mistake. If the body is enough water, then drinking more water does not necessarily make the body weight will be shrinking faster. However, during the day the body has less water consumption, drinking lots of water will help the shrinkage of body weight.

Water is an important source of life. Its consumption for the body directly useful to help every process of working cells in the body. When the body is dehydrated, the cells in the body do not work effectively, including disturbed metabolic processes. Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions in the body that will more smoothly work when the body drink enough water.

In addition to helping the process of metabolism, water can also help the body overcome thirst that disguises itself to be hungry. The true hunger is a thirst reaction, this is what causes excessive consumption of food when the body does not actually need it. Therefore, when hunger strikes, try to drink a glass of water first before rushing to snack or food that is not healthy.

Before eating heavy meals, you should also drink a glass of water to help you quickly feel full and eat less. You can also better control your portion of the meal.

Water is also beneficial to help digestion of food in more leverage. Water helps the kidneys to function better, so it can work to filter out everything that needs to be filtered from within the body. As a result, the body becomes more effective and regularly remove substances waste. There will be no constipation or constipation in those who regularly drink water.

In addition to helping to decrease body weight, another function of water for the kidneys is to prevent the formation of kidney stones due to chronic dehydration experienced by the body. When the body does not get enough water, calcium and various other minerals will accumulate in the urine making it more difficult for the body to filter it out. The kidneys can form crystals and lead to painful urine stones in those who are overweight and lacking water intake.

Your body needs to get enough water intake every day to facilitate the work of metabolism in the body and the work of the digestive system. 8 glasses of water a day is the minimum limit of adequate water intake per day. However, the water intake still depends on body size and weight, as well as the intensity of activity experienced by the body and the location where you are domiciled.

To know the exact amount of water to drink each day, try dividing the body weight into pounds (kg) and adjusting the amount of water you drink by multiplying one pound (kg) of your weight by half or an ounce of water to get how much water you should consume. If your body weight is 150 pounds (68 kilograms), then you need to consume water as much as 75 to 150 ounces per day. The amount also increases when you live in hot climates.

Check also whether your body is enough water to see the color of urine that you remove. If urine is clear colored and odorless, then you have enough water intake. Conversely, if urine color is more dense, yellow and smelly, then your body is dehydrated.
To make sure you keep drinking water even when you are not on a diet, try to bring a drinking bottle near you at all times and place a glass of water near the reach of your hands while you're at work or by the bed. Replace soft drinks or coffee with a glass of water and drink a little water throughout the day, do not drink six glasses of water at once because the effect is also not good for the body


Limit Safe Caffeine Consumption

For some people, caffeine is a must-drink every day. But do you know the safe limit of caffeine consumption every day?

You want to look fresh in front of your boss during the morning meeting? Or you want to relieve sleepiness due to lack of sleep at night? Against drowsiness when going to presentation? Of course the answer is you need caffeine. But, how do I get the "fresh" effect immediately without getting a heart-pounding effect? Previously let us learn the following.

According to research published in the Brain Cognition Journal your mind's processing ability will increase as you consume 400mg of caffeine in a single session. To know more clearly, consider the following two important things:

1. Pay attention to the content you consume

400 divided by the content of a serving of the drink you consume. Rub your eyes and look at the drink list below.

You can also combine several types of drinks in one session, just to make a variation.

2. Calculate your drinking time.

Caffeine takes 30 - 45 minutes to react. But, because the effect will be gone for a long time, 4-6 hours to metabolize half of the amount you consume, then you may need to drink less than 400 mg of caffeine if you want to eat it during the day.

All you need to remember is that if consuming this drink too much will give effect that is not good for your body. For example, heart palpitations, tremors and stomach problems. So be careful before eating, do not let not the fresh effects you get otherwise you will be busy taking care of your troubled stomach in the bathroom.

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this expert recommends weird way to treat acne

Acne is considered a nightmare that often haunts a person, especially women. Not only does it make the appearance less unsightly, acne is also an indication that you have probably been less painstaking in keeping your face clean or there are certain health problems you are not aware of.

Various treatments may have been lived, some even need to take antibiotics within a certain period. However, there are sometimes long-term effects that must be experienced when a person takes antibiotics to prevent acne. To avoid such long-term effects, usually someone will prefer to perform treatment and external treatment. Some of the effective external treatments can be more expensive than other treatments so a special budget is needed to deal with stubborn acne.

London skincare expert Nataliya Robinson suggests an effective method, but it will not drain your pocket. Reported by DailyMail, Nataliya often use a homemade mask that the main ingredients derived from certain medications. However, you do not need to worry because this medicine is not to be drunk, but to be applied to the face.

Is an aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid acids used by Nataliya to treat acne, including inflamed inflamed pimples. The drug is often used Nataliya to cure acne when he was 13 years old. According to a woman who has been a skin care specialist since 2002, aspirin is a natural, yet effective, method for curing acne. The content of acetylsalicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory effect that plays an important role in the healing of inflamed acne. This will make the acne smaller so that more disguised.

To treat acne with aspiring steps that need to be done quite easily. Prepare a grain of aspirin that is not frothy and water sufficiently. Then grind the aspirin tablet and mix it with enough water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the inflamed acne area and let stand for 15-20 minutes before washing the face. According to Nataliya, this method is better when compared with the consumption of antibiotics.

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Treating acne with aspiring previously also been done by a beauty editor named Beth Nottingham. Beth experimented with aspirin. He made aspirin a mask and applied it all over his face.

The beauty editor tells of her experience with the aspirin experiment on her beauty website, xovain. He revealed that aspirin contains salicylic acid which serves to shrink the swelling, shrink the pores and soften the scaly skin.

He pounded five tablets into aspirin powder mixed with a spoon of yoghurt and honey. Aspirin mask is applied to the entire face and allowed to stand for 20 minutes. After drying, wash your face with warm water.