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Men need perfect training to build chest muscle

The pectoral muscle is a physical reflection of male masculinity. After all, which woman does not like to lean on a man's chest? That is why, exercises for pectoral muscles should be included in your weekly program.

When asked about the best movement to train your chest muscles, your mind may be on the barbell bench press movement. But, actually dumbbell was no less effective to make your pectoral muscles more prominent.

Well, it's time to take advantage of the following variations of dumbbell movements for the sake of the field's chest muscles!
1. Dumbbell bench press with eccentric emphasis

There is nothing revolutionary about this movement. Basically, you are only asked to focus on the eccentric portion (lowering the load) during the dumbbell bench press movement. This way is useful to increase the damage to muscle fibers so that the muscles will be even greater.

Try to make an eccentric portion with a range of 3-5 seconds to touch the bottom of the movement, and target to do 8-12 rep. You can also use the maximum number of reps in the last set. Examples like this:

Set 1: 10 rep
Set 2: 8 rep
Set 3: As many as possible rep

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2. One-Arm Dumbbell Press

One-arm dumbbell press is an effective way to overcome the imbalance between the two sides. This movement also trains intensive core stability in order to keep your body unsteady because of one-sidedness.
3. Alternating Dumbbell Press

This is a variation of classical movements that still remain useful today. This movement functions to resemble a one-arm dumbbell press. But, instead of training core stability, this movement trains the muscular stability of the scapula area.
4. Dumbbell Elevator Press

The way to do this is to gradually lower the dumbbell. First, lower the DB by a quarter of the range of motion, then raise it again. Then lower the DB to half the range of motion, raise it again. Finally, lower the DB down, then raise it again.

The above series only counted one rep, you know. Try to do 6-10 reps.

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