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Bodyweight Burn program, the basic

The Bodyweight Burn program is also known as the BW3 Multi-Burn or the 3x Fat Burn Multiplier effect. It’s called that because it uses 3 scientifically optimal workout techniques. This synergy allows the body to burn calories 24/7, helping the user attain their weight loss goals.
The effect of the program also reaches the cellular level and makes it easy for users to continue eating their favorite foods and enhancing the process of weight loss and speed up the way you burn fat.

The program is both suitable for the beginners and the tough people. It’s a program that anyone, irrespective of their age or gender can adapt to
Although this program allows you to eat more, there are still some simple nutrition rules you need to follow to get your desired results. This has been included as a bonus by Adam in the program. Here are the methods included in this program
Method 1 – Cardio flowFor
rapid fat loss, cardio flow is an important ingredient. It puts you in a “fat burning stage,” which means you burn fat at a level required by your body when you perform cardio flow because it uses fat as its fuel source.

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