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Jagged Alliance: Back In Action Review

Before entering the country ARulco, gamers have to hire a bunch of merc yag appear on the laptop screen. For the first time playing, players can recruit only slightly merc only air-level character (char) is low. Funny thing is, when gamers want to rent from any existing merc, through a dial-up connection in the game. It was clear from the sound of a dial-up modem connection, which is very noisy and very old school. Every merc has a personality and skills that are different from one another.

The developer also provides RPG elements in this game, each merc can level up to level 10. Then the maximum, from the increase EXP points by killing enemies a lot, then there are some potential merc directed specifically as medics to heal team members others, there are as expert irons door to open doors locked, as a handyman repair damaged weapons was often used as a weapon to kill the enemies that appear, and so on.

When have selected merc merc-choice, new players can jump directly to the field. The first mission to seize the main airport in Arulco of the hands of government loyalists. Actually, this game is a remake of Jagged Alliance 2, released in 2000. Thus, some of the gameplay elements in JA BIA still retain a characteristic that appears on the JA 2. One of them, they are still using some of the options that make the player can activate a similar fashion TBS, which is a kind PAUSE and GO.

If gamers streets in one map level, for example in the main airports Arulco and met with several enemy soldiers, then the situation can change suddenly pause automatically. Then, when in the pause mode, gamers can adjusting the tactical measures in the face of the enemy, whether the merc A soldier would shoot No. 1, or the B would kill the NO 3, and so on. Standpoint this game certainly use a top-down view mode, most camera angles can be seen from all sides.

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The Raid 2 Arcade Edition mini review

In terms of gameplay, not much variation gameplay is offered in this game. This game provides four characters to be selected as the main character, ranging from Rama, Hammer Girl, Baseball Bat Man, until Prakoso. Your goal here is to collect as many points as possible, with as soon as possible before the time runs out the main character of his health. To earn points, of course, you have to beat the enemies that come continuously from the right side to the left side. At the end of each level, you will also meet with the boss, which requires a certain strategy to defeat it.

Control offered was fairly simple. There are only a few buttons that you can use, among others, the Q key to attack the first type, the W button for the type of the second attack, and the S button to launch a special attack. Additionally, you can move using the arrow keys, plus jump using the space key. To launch a special attack, you can not do it constantly because there are some cooldown time before the attack can be reused.

For fans of The Raid 2, this game may be quite as friends after watching the movie on the big screen. Moreover, this game also has some easter egg that is interconnected with the film. Unfortunately, this game has some disadvantages, such as less responsive controls, character animation when attacking or hit the stiff and minimal variation, up to the collision between a character that feels less solid.

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MINIX 785G128SP - motherboard for HTPC review

Home Theater Personal Computer (HTPC) is one of the concepts that are loved by computer users lately. That is because you can simultaneously have a tool for viewing multimedia files to a home theater and become a PC when needed. This concept of course requires that brought HTPC dimensions smaller than a desktop PC normally. Of course, users do not want to put a big desktop PC under their TV monitor instead?

In addition to its small dimensions, of course HTPC that does not require the use of a noisy fan. By doing so, the processor must also have possessed a low TDP, so the fan rotation can be minimized without creating excessive heat. With a lower TDP, of the power used will be lower. Especially if the HTPC has onboard graphics which of course has a lower power than a separate graphics card.

This concept offered by J & W with Minix 785G-SP128MB. As the name implies, this motherboard use the AMD 785G chipset and is the first motherboard form factor miniITX wear with these chipsets. This chipset also is equipped with a Radeon HD 4200 onboard graphics that can be used for watching movies Blu-ray smoothly.

By using mini-ITX form factor makes this motherboard is suitable as intended for HTPC motherboard. Coupled with the use of 785 chipset makes this board It supports processors with TDP up to 125 W. Though theoretically only capable of supporting a TDP of 65 W. This makes it possible to use the latest series processors is wide open.

Equipped with an onboard GPU-based ATI HD 4200 makes this motherboard can play movies with H.264 codec with ease. Unfortunately, the performance obtained during game play makes it unsuitable for use as alternative as satisfying gaming computer. To obtain a powerful graphics performance, you should add an additional VGA. It is also possible with available PCI-E slot on this board.

With a rating of 172 Preview obtained from SYSmark shows that the motherboard is capable of running office applications well. So for the benefit of working with office applications such as Office, Photoshop, Autocad Vegas and even had more than enough.

Through testing we have done against the power consumption is seen that the power consumed is not too low. However, this is because we use a processor with a TDP of 125 W. Imagine if this motherboard with processor paired with a lower TDP CPU, you will receive a motherboard with lower power consumption.

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