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Shift 2: Unleashed - PS3 Games Review

Shift 2 : Unleashed is a signal of Electronic Arts that they are ready to challenge the two top driving simulation genre franchise that is Gran Turismo ( Sony PlayStation ) and Forza Motorsport ( Microsoft Xbox ) by presenting a game that is more inclined towards simulation game . How did it go ? Although it still can not be compared with both the franchise but now they 've had to take into account the Need for Speed ​​franchise is more serious as one of the competitors on this genre .

Shift 2 starts directly into the career mode to undergo two rounds of driving a Nissan GT - R to determine your ability . Based on the results of two rounds of the game will cause appropriate level of difficulty of the game and some of the features help ( assist steering , braking assist) which is appropriate to wear. From there your adventure begins in professional careers to reach the championship FIA GTI . Throughout this mode you can earn points to increase the level of experience and money to buy a car or an upgrade . Depth can also open the event level , vinyl , upgrades and new cars in this game where there are more than 100 car .

Upon entry into the race , one drawback is quite disappointing instantly felt when I met with the first bend . Handling in this game is far from perfect and can not equate with the level of authenticity offered by GT and Forza . This game is difficult to give the driver a stable and smooth ride because of his handling difficult to predict, so make every bend is like a nightmare . Although using a modification of the default was not uncommon you will glide almost on every corner . This indicates that the more often you should take the time to modify the car which will sound pretty hard for casual racing gamers .

Difficulties in the race has not been coupled with AI opponents were very aggressive . One thing that can be learned when racing with AI Shift 2 is to never cover their path , if they do so without a doubt you will hit the car to hit the perimeter wall or even to overthrow the car . An increase in A.I. more competitive is a very good change , but this increase makes it frustrating and unrealistic . But behind the negative value , A.I. unpredictability is an interesting thing . No longer will you see the same winners in a particular arena even if you have to repeat it several times .

In terms of visual Shift 2 looks very pretty . Not only arena look realistic with the background scenery is quite charming , but this game also shows excellent detail . Arena looks like has experienced many sightings race with tire marks on the track and grass . Unfortunately arena at night is still far from satisfactory . Cross racing looks very dark because the lighting just come from the car to follow the race course .

Visual arena which was also supported by a more detailed model of the car . From the outside or inside of the car looks original and spoil the eye . Not only in the best condition of the cars still look good because of imperfections in the car visually looks very detailed . Starting from the dirt , the release bumper , windshield and side can be cracked in a few levels , until the release of the tire as well as support in the form of a near-perfect sound effects , making the car accident never look as beautiful as this .

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - PC games review

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