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Wild Blood - for mobile gaming reviews

more and more titles smartphone games that have quality graphics and gameplay that is not less cool with the current- gen console . Wild Blood made ​​by Gameloft is one of them . Games with the hack and slash genre that is the first game made with Unreal Engine Gameloft offers a fast tempo game action weapon against various monsters and demons .

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Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii review

Xenoblade Chronicles has many characteristics of J - RPGs in general , including the characteristic " thorn -haired young man carrying a big sword " . However Monolith Soft , as the developer of this game provides the foundation story is quite innovative . The story begins a battle of two of the ancient gods ( Ancient Gods ) are now petrified and is home to a variety of living things .

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Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut - Xbox360 games review

Deadly Premonition : The Director's Cut is a new edition of Deadly Premonition is first present in the Xbox 360 . The PlayStation 3 version was never present in English , so this is the first time the Japanese game called Red Seeds Profile officially arrived on PlayStation 3 in English .

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