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Loud Papa, indie games quick look

Tokyo Game Show is one event that is held annually in order to promote the results of recent work or which will soon be released from the developers of the game, either software or hardware. The event which began to be held since 1996, was presented by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. and the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA). themselves also regain the honor of being the official Media Partner of the event.

For this year, the Tokyo Game Show 2015 will be held from 17 to 20 September 2015. As in previous years, two days early events are used for businesses. While the remaining two days open to the public. And seeing from so many Japanese publisher title demonstrated during E3 2015 in June 2015 and, we suspect TGS 2015 as well as interesting. Especially for indie games, which is already known if the developer swell participants for this year.

One independent gaming that will be demonstrated is Loud Papa, of Initory Studios. This game can be found in the Indie Games Area. Loud Papa is a casual game that combines the gameplay to match objects with the fight. The game developed using the Unity engine tells Papa trip carrying babies. In his journey, bandits and criminals will be blocked. To fight, you are going to match 3 or more objects in a square field of six. Each object / beam that has matched its own property. Matching different combinations will help Papa fill the energy to release the effects of skill card, and attack the enemy or strengthen itself. In the trailer below shows how the papa launch his skills, by way of sing / yell as loud deafening his enemies. It seems not a skill that is cool yeah, but according to the title of this game, "Loud Papa." The baby can also fight. Each baby also has a defense and his own skill card, thus giving birth to an atmosphere of hilarious gameplay.

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New features in Football Manager 2016 games

Not a secret, that Football Manager is a simulation game of football managers in the world's most popular. Not only popular among gamers, but also popular in the football industry itself. The proof, the data supplied Football Manager is often used as a reference to a football club before recruiting a player in the transfer market, nor help the presenter a football match in presenting statistics to viewers.

As in previous years, this year do not miss the Sports Interactive also released the latest series of Football Manager. Titled Football Manager 16, the game brings many new innovations to present a football manager simulation game more realistic. What are the new features embedded in Football Manager 16's? Here are things you should know.

1 Avatar Manager

Now you're not just appear in name only in this game. Yep, in Football Manager 2016 Sports Interactive provides features for customizing the avatar will be a representation of you in the game and will continue to appear on the playing field when your team.

2 Fantasy Draft

In this new mode, you and your friends can build a team from scratch with a limited budget, in which each manager will have the same budget. Later, you can equalize the team you built this with the manager (player) other in a mini-league. Interesting is not it?

3 Create A Club

If previously you could only be the manager of the team and the club that has been provided, for the first time in Football Manager 2016 you can make your club itself! You can choose where your club in the league will play, customize the name and his jersey. In fact, you can also include your name and your friend's name as one of the players!

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Sailor Moon Drops is in development for mobile

Sailor Moon is a manga by Naoko Takeuchi worked as many as 18 volumes, which was first released in 1991 ago. His name became widely known due to anime series done in 1992 until 1997. Tells Tsukino Usagi life with friends who became Sailor Soldier. Warrior defenders of truth solar powered wearing sailor (sailor). This series is a direct appeal to many fans of anime Bishojo, especially the girls. Even so famous, many series spin-off emerged, one of which the most recent is a puzzle game series called Sailor Moon Drops.

Sailor Moon Drops is an action puzzle game, where displays gemstone that represents every Sailor Soldier appearing. In this case there are five gemstone: Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. To its gameplay is similar gemstone match to break them into points. If there are more than three Match the gemstone that you will turn out to be more powerful gemstone with new powers, for example to break a horizontal or vertical row. From the picture above, there are also iconic Luna (black cat) between the gemstone, to say the iconic Luna is a special fraction of this game. Later there will be three options are limited assistance (of course you can afford to perform In-Application Purcase). Points that you collect will be the score of the game, like other puzzle game value will be a star, a maximum of three stars per stage of it.

Until now, Sailor Moon Drops is still in the final development stage. Namco Bandai party itself states that the game will be released this fall in Japan, a little backwards from the previous schedule in the summer of 2015 this. Already confirmed Sailor Moon Drops is a free game, and will be released both for android and iOS.

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