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Don't scare to get Sweating

Sweating is the body's natural processes. The body can sweat while on the move. The more active such as sport, the more sweat out.

Unfortunately, some people do not want to move more actively for fear sweat. Not only afraid to sweat, but sweat feared that cause body odor.

Sports Medicine Specialist Doctor Grace Tumbelaka said, sweating while actively moving it can cause body odor when mixed with bacteria, particularly underarm sweat. However, all that can be overcome by using a deodorant or anti-perspirant.

"Deodorant can make the bacteria did not develop when the body is sweating," said Grace at the launch of Rexona MotionSense .

In the same occasion, the singer Andien Aisha said that sweating should not be a reason to restrict the movement and activity. According Andien, sweat certainly can not be avoided, especially those living in big cities. Andien very vigorous exercise also admitted using a deodorant to be more confident and ensures the body stays fresh.

Grace also urged people to be active to get a healthier life. Grace recommends exercise performed three to five times per week. Able to brisk walking, running, cycling, gymnastics, and swimming. For those who want to start a new sport, do it gradually. "Starting with the light intensity only once, ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes per day," said Grace.

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popular steam game on 2015

Towards the end of 2015, the site SteamSpy give his final report about the most popular games on Steam throughout 2015.

In the report, revealing SteamSpy game Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is still the most widely purchased games throughout 2015, with total sales up to 5.6 million copies.

Game of the legendary first-person shooter made in Valve is indeed seems to be more popular and harder to beat. It is seen from the difference between the sales high enough CS: GO to the next position, GTA V are only able to sell 3.5 million copies alone throughout 2015.

Meanwhile, the third position obtained Fallout 4 with sales of 2.4 million copies. SteamSpy also released data on the favorite game that was released in 2015. The game's first position was achieved by GTA V, followed by Fallout 4, and then by ARK: Survival Evolved.

Interestingly, sales of Fallout 4 as very strong when only released in November last. If released early, the game made by Bethesda will be able to beat GTA V and snatch first position.

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A few good list of PC games in 2015

Kerbal Space Program (SQUADTeam)

As one of the people who admire the world of astronomy, Kerbal Space Program is one game that can play writer. Kerbal Space Program actually reminds us of a very high human ambition to reach and explore outer space, but packaged in a way that is very fun. Half the game has a construction element is thick, and the other half presents a simulation game space makes this game no doubt is one of the best PC game of 2015.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth (Nicalis)
After last year Rebirth which entered the ranks of the best PC game, now turn to another series of The Binding of Isaac, Afterbirth which completes the list of 10 best PC games of 2015. Characteristic of a high replay value is retained Nicalis in this game. Not much change in terms of graphics, and the graphics might not great. However, Afterbirth able to play your emotions, between happy, frustrated, sad to lose the items in the middle of the game.

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