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Don't scare to consume sweet drinks

Naturally everyone has the instinct to be interested in the sensation of sweetness, rather than the sensation of other flavors. In fact, it is this sweetness that also directs every newborn mammal to food and drink that is safe and nutritious for itself. Even a study from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science states that people will consume more drinks / liquids that have a certain flavor than fresh water. When we consume a drink containing a calorie sweetener like sugar, it is important to remember that each of those calories will affect the body.

However, lately the word 'sweet drink' is often followed by the notion that tends to be negative. People easily blame it as the cause of things that are bad for our bodies, ranging from tooth decay to obesity and obesity. Eating sweet foods is often associated with an 'unhealthy' lifestyle. Is food or sugary drink is the cause of all this ugliness? Let us know a little more about this sensation of taste?

Enjoying Sweet Flavors
There are two types of sweeteners in food / beverages: Calorie sweeteners (such as sugar) and low-calorie / no-calorie sweeteners (like Aspartame, Sukralosa, Asesulfam-K), are used in thousands of food / beverage products worldwide. Low-calorie / no-calorie sweetener has been present since the 60's, and has become an option for those who want a sweet taste sensation but not with excess calories. Calorie sweeteners are safe for consumption and can be enjoyed in a reasonable dose as part of a balanced diet.

Calorie is actually a unit used to interpret the amount of energy our body can use as fuel for activity, including physical activity (walking, running, swimming, and dancing), standing, breathing, to maintain body temperature and perform the functions of organs and cells in body. Calories come from carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from the foods and beverages we consume. The calorie needs of each person is different, depending on sex, age, body size and body activity level. "The average calorie requirement for women is 1,500 calories per day and for men is 1,700 - 1,900 calories per day," explains dr. Dyah Purnamasari, Sp. SD, Endocrine Metabolic Division of RSCM.

Then, how the calories from drinks or food can trigger weight gain? Very simple. Body activity will burn calories. The higher our activity, the more calories burned / used, otherwise every calorie that is not burned by body activity, naturally will be stored as energy reserves, mostly in the form of fat.

There is a consensus that weight gain is primarily due to energy imbalances, which in essence want to say more calories than burns. We consume various types of food and drinks every day, so there is not a kind of food or drink that should be blamed as a single cause of obesity or even obesity. However, each of these calories will affect the body.

All types of foods and drinks we can enjoy, as long as the combination of a balanced, reasonable, and supported by sufficient physical activity. This is essentially the application of an active and healthy lifestyle. The most important thing is how we can meet all the nutritional needs for our body, and ensure we undergo a good balance energy. Remember, the more we move actively, the more calories burn.

So is it true that sweet foods / beverages cause obesity or even obesity? Whatever drinks or foods that contain calories, of course it will affect the body. In essence, humans consume various sources of calories from food / beverages so we can not put an error on one particular food / drink as a single cause of his. Continue to sharpen our knowledge of the number of calories contained in the products we consume.

The important thing is to keep moving, balance your intake and calorie use, choose the type of sweetener with the calorie content to suit your needs. So, do not be afraid to eat and drink sweet!

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What can put your diet to failure

How to lose weight with the next traditional is with green tea and black tea. This tea is actually the same as tea usually, however, this tea has a stronger effect. see more at healthy guides blog

Tea is very good for health because it contains anti oxidants and also can keep cholesterol levels to remain stable.

Other benefits found in this tea is to help metabolism in the body. So with this will be very helpful to lose weight.

But there are some things in how to lose weight to consider in consuming Green tea and black tea that is not too much because with you consume it, you will not feel hungry but will still feel excited.
Causes of Failure in Weight Loss Programs.

If all the above has been done and still fail, there may be factors that interfere with your diet. Here are some possible factors that cause the failure of weight loss programs include:

1. Lack of sleep

A healthy lifestyle will be closely related to your sleep patterns. Normally, humans sleep for 8 hours a day and at least for sleep is 7 hours a day.

According to research experts, if a person sleeps less than 7 hours a day, will result in the production of hormone cortisol, insulin production and blood sugar will rise. It will greatly affect the body that can become hungry fast and can make insulin resistance in the body that will make the body store a lot of fat.

2. Revenge after doing sports activities

A fatal mistake that often becomes a failure factor in a weight loss program that you are not aware of is revenge after doing sports activities by consuming excessive food. Usually after exercise the body will tend to feel more hungry because the calories in the body has been burned.

Just imagine, when you exercise, you have burned 500 calories after that, you will feel fatigue after exercise and result in your body will feel more hungry and after that you wreak the fatigue by eating without looking and considering the food is eaten .

Finally the results obtained that you have burned your calories as much as 500 calories and that is consumed after the sport could be up to 600 calories or even more than that. So your weight is not even less but your weight will increase even.

3. Late eating.

Failure of how to lose weight next is late to eat. Late eating is something that is usually considered trivial for those who are doing weight loss program. However, there are also some people who think that late eating will be better. In fact there are also deliberate to delay the time to eat. In fact, with it will be very bad for you who are running weight loss program.

Most of those who eat late, will feel very hungry when eating, so it will be difficult to restrain their appetite so that in the end they will eat with a portion more than should be eaten.

So are some tips and ways to lose weight naturally and with traditional materials that you can try. The success or failure of the weight loss program by losing weight above actually depends on the intentions of each person who does it. The most important thing besides thinking about how to lose weight is to build motivation and self awareness that we must be able to do it.

By building your inner spirit is the decisive factor to run your diet program. Well, hopefully reviews on how to lose weight is beneficial to you.


being Slim should be your resolution target of this year

Beginning of the year will be more meaningful if accompanied by a resolution of healthy life. One way is to set the diet and choose healthy foods. For those who intend to lose weight a few kg, the new year is also quite appropriate serve as the momentum of the start of dietary struggle.

"Healthy living can be started at any time, the most important is his determination and continued by his efforts Having a resolution of losing weight or changing a healthy lifestyle in the new year can at least strengthen commitment, it's already initial capital," said Prof. Dr. Hardinsyah, nutritionist From the Faculty of Human Ecology Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) to Health as written on Wednesday

Prof Hardinsyah said that intention is one important factor that affects the success of the diet program. With a strong initial intention, there is at least a desire to change and implement a healthy lifestyle. This is agreed by Rina (25 years), a bank employee in Jakarta who has the resolution want to lose weight in 2013.

"I feel my weight is more than normal, it's quite annoying, sometimes shortness of breath at night, cepet tired during physical activity and the most difficult to choose clothes," said Rina.

However, Rina admits that intention alone is not enough. The most important is the consistency in applying the diet every day. In fact, he had several times a diet but failed because it is less consistent to run it.

The program changes the healthy diet is not merely to lose weight alone. There are people who intend to change their diet for fear of the use of chemicals in food.

One of them is Duala, a 24-year-old virgin who is trying to consume organic food and processed her own. He claimed to be worried by the increasing cases of cancer, especially among women, due to the wrong diet. So he tried to start changing his diet since this year.

"I want to have a few months, but make sure it fits well in 2013. I'm starting to reduce instant foods and eat healthier foods, in the sense of organic, and consume foods that are beneficial to health, especially fermented preparations," says the girl who works In a media in Yogyakarta

Duala's determination does not just appear. He is indeed familiar with a community in Yogyakarta called Life Patch who is actively planting, treating and processing his own food. Members of this community are actively doing fermentation food making workshops such as kefir and campaigning organic lifestyle.

Because they eat garden plants and processed themselves, of course members of this community know very well that the food is free from pesticides and more healthful. However, pursue a diet like this is not easy and requires a strong determination.

Duala acknowledges that it seems that at least one year is not enough to make it completely organic. Moreover, coupled with a variety of busyness, sometimes there should be a compromise to meet the nutritional needs.

"I still have not felt any significant change because the process is long.I've started to consume the processed foods like Kefir, Kombucha and Wine and make it yourself as well.As same as cooking, sometimes friends who already have our own garden exchange They have organic tomatoes We ask them, we will exchange the same seeds, "he said.

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