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Taking your own photo is beneficial when you do diet

People are reluctant to take a physical photo of themselves before starting a fatloss program because it looks ugly, disgusted and humiliated. Yet precisely by observing the photo before, you will be more motivated to exercise and diet. Photos never lie. Even if you have never been interested in entering a bodybuilding competition, taking photos before starting a fitness program is important. This is an important decision that will determine whether you will succeed or not. Keep the photo safe.

When you feel very bored and lazy exercise or dieting, reopening the photo will remind you how ugly before starting the program, while encouraging the spirit to return to the correct path. When you've managed to get the physical dream, reopen the photo before you just reminded if you do not want to return kemasa ago again, making it as a motivation to remain consistent exercise and diet. All that is impossible to realize if you never take a photo of yourself before. I know a monk who always keeps his super-stubby before-his-wall photo in his wallet. Now I know for what he did.
7. Get black and white syndrome

Example: A person has just spent 2 practice sessions per week for a thing, then he immediately gives up and never rehearsals. Here's an example of a "black-and-white" syndrome or all-or-nothing syndrome. Many who are not aware of a person can be improved health, but visible. This syndrome is usually owned by those who are perfectionists or lazy. Like a car, if you get a bare tire, what is your reaction? The answers are diverse. If you can, you will change the tire. If you do not know how, you will tell people to solve the problem. The logical choice is to fix and replace it. The same thing can happen in the fitness world. All beginners initially depart from the condition of the bare tire was. Instead of fixing it, they force defeats all the tires. A saying like 'it's getting wet gentlemen' applies here.

A similar case occurs in exercise. Maybe you've read if the morning exercise can burn a lot of fat. Without arguing further, the person affected by this syndrome would react, "If you can not afford the morning exercises, it's better not to practice at all." In reality, exercise in the afternoon or evening is better than nothing. The important thing is consistent and done when you have a lot of energy. Be flexible and do not fall into the "black and white" syndrome.

The name of life, there will be a barrier. You can choose, want to be rigid and inflexible and let it ruin your fitness program, OR stay away from this attitude of syndrome and try to adapt to the conditions.

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Measuring the fat percentage in your body

If you are a serious fitness mania, surely you have the main goal to form a muscular body or sexy with low levels of fat percentage. But without the ability to measure fat levels, you will be more difficult to determine the right exercise program and diet to achieve your goals.

There are several methods used by people to measure fat content, the most popular is using Fat Caliper or Skinfold Caliper, the second using the fat percentage scale or fat gauge is held, the third and most accurate use of underwater measurement method, where the electrode is affixed to the body , Then your body is drowned in a special water bath, this method is very accurate but it is expensive and should be done in a special facility that usually only exists in special or universal clinics.

Now let's look at the most popular method to calculate the percentage of fat, using the skinfold caliper, or even using a regular ruler. Even if using a ruler, the result would not be as accurate as using a caliper. You might use a ruler and a pair of tweezers that can pinch the skin with those tweezers, you can measure the distance between the two ends of the tweezers that clamp with the ruler attached to the measured skin. This method is very cheap and does not need a caliper that sometimes expensive because of imported goods and not yet popularized in Indonesia.
Here's how to do the measurements:

Stand up straight and ask someone for help to make measurements, you should be naked chest and legs when taking measurements.
Look at the diagram above and measure the points pointed there. Relax the measured part and pinch it with your thumb and forefinger and then pull on the little folds of skin and clip it with a caliper, or tweezers, well the problem with using tweezers You have to add 1-2mm again from the measurement of the distance of 2 tip tweezers because you can not Measure directly in both ends because the edges are definitely blocked by pinched skin.
Calculate same point 3x then totaled and divided by 3, this average number is noted on paper (size in mm).
Do the same in all points designated in the diagram, note the average results count all in mm.
When done, total all mm numbers.
Weigh your body and record the results. It is also necessary to determine the percentage of your fat, note in pounds / lbs.

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Then do the following calculations:

>> For example the total of your skin pinch results is 50 mm

>> Divide this figure by body weight (pound): 50 mm / 160 pounds = 0.31

>> Multiply the number by 28 for men and 30 for women: eg 0.32 X 28 = 8.68%

>> Calculate Lean Body Mass: multiply that fat percentage by 160 pounds X 8.68 = 1388

>> Divide that number by 100 to get your fat weight: 1388/100 = 13.88 pounds

>> Reduce your total weight by weight of fat to get your lean weight: 160 - 13.88 = 146.12 pounds

Well now you are able to separate lean muscle mass from fat, and can determine the progress of your exercise program with more precise and accurate than just going up on the scale alone. Your main goal should be to raise Lean Muscle Mass and reduce the weight of fat


the training to strengthen women's arm muscle

Hand muscles have many muscle variants, let's peel from the very top of the deltoid muscles, triceps, biceps brachii, brachialis and brachioradialis. If Reps Mania thinks that shoulder muscles are not part of the hand muscles it is not entirely correct.
Because if you do dumbbell or barbell curl, you do not realize the shoulder muscles work even if not significant. For that in the program this time, we want to involve all parts of the hands and closed with abdominal exercises to strengthen your core muscles. Here's the exercise:

Sit on adjustable bench
Set the height until the body is straight
Grab the dumbbell next to the ear
Then push the hand up straight
Lower back to starting position
Repeat the movement
Do as many as 3 sets x 15-20 reps

Sit on adjustable bench
Set the height until the body is straight
Hold the dumbbell in front of the chest (palms facing inwards)
Then push the hand up straight
Lower back to starting position
Repeat the movement
Do as many as 3 sets x 15-20 reps

CABLE BICEPS CURL + TRICEPS PUSHDOWN (15 - 20 reps x 3 sets)

Stand in front of the pulley
Set the pulley below
Grasp the grip with straight-handed position
Then lift grip to hand bend
Repeat the movement
Do as many as 3 sets x 15-20 reps

Stand in front of the pulley
Set altitude above head
Use rope as grip
The starting position of the hand forms the elbow
Then pull down until your hands are straight
Repeat the movement
Do as many as 3 sets x 15-20 reps

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