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sideplank body training for women

Almost everyone in the world wants to have a sixpack stomach, they train the abdominal muscles tooth and nail to get it all. In addition to abominal muscles both the top and bottom, of course, muscles that we must train also is the oblique. ... what kind of techniques are effective effects?

Oblique muscle is a rather difficult part to form. In addition to running a consistent exercise program, must also be balanced with a clean diet to get the muscle oblique dry and charming. In addition oblique muscles including muscles that are fairly difficult to train, because this muscle is slightly different from the other abdominal muscles.

Muscle oblique

Therefore, in training the oblique muscles should not use heavy loads. Because instead will make your waist muscles become more muscular, not drying. Therefore, in training the muscle oblique is highly recommended to use their own weight and done by reps reps in each set

Here is an exercise program designed to train your oblique muscles. This exercise can be done anywhere either at home or in the gym, and can also be done by anyone. Watch for the execution!
Side Plank

>> Lie down on the floor, with a sideways position and hands propped up on the floor, while the other hand holds the head. Keep your back straight. In this position try to keep all the abdominal muscles are constricted to get maximum results. [A]

>> Lower your hand above your head to touch the floor, keep abdominal muscles to get maximum results. In this position feel the withdrawal on your oblique muscle, and do this move slowly [B]. Then go back to the original position, do to reach a set. Then continue on the next abdominal muscle.
Perform 3 X 20 - 30 Reps.
Finger To Heel Oblique Touch

>> Lie on the floor with the body like you want to crunch, but the hand is beside your body. Lie down and lift your head slightly.

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>> Then move your hand towards the side until it touches the ankle, the position of the head remains slightly raised. Perform this movement slowly and feel the pressure on the oblique muscle. Set your breath, breath in lying position and exhale as you touch the ankle [B]. Then return to the starting position and do the next oblique muscle


bodybuilder training for men

There are no special rules for choosing loads in bodybuilding speed training. The benchmark is just, select the maximum load that lets you use the right speed. It should be light enough, but it must also be quite heavy so you can not be faster than your ideal speed. The load you choose should dictate your maximum speed to fit the principle of the speed training itself. Example: if you can finish the concentric movement in 0.75 seconds, that means the load is too light. You can find out by pairs of loads 60-70% of normal load you normally use (this is not one rep max).
The correct technique


The important thing about speed training is the uninterrupted muscle contraction during the execution of the movement. That means you will generate momentum that will likely lower the contraction load on the muscle being trained at a certain point when the execution of the movement is done. It should be avoided by:

>> Wear Super-Strict form. There should be no cheating during the execution of the movement. If it is done, then you will lose muscle contraction that is being trained.

>> Wear progressive acceleration. As the mass of the object accelerated its movement, it will create momentum that will make the burden as if it feels light when the speed is lowered / stopped. It should be avoided by continuing to raise speed until the set finishes. That way will create power and muscles will continue to be in pressure. If you cheat, take advantage of momentum to lift the load, your muscles do not contract at all. Therefore do not be tempted to use maximum strength at the beginning of practice sessions, and should rise gradually, ie at the point 1/3 to ½ part of the movement path itself.
Variety of speed training techniques in bodybuilding


The goal of speed training in bodybuilding is simply to increase the intensity of the exercise, break the plateau. There are several methods you can use here:

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>> Constant Speed ​​Training. Repetition is done at high speed, but without acceleration it is impossible to do, because every bodybuilder will definitely apply the acceleration to a certain speed. In constant speed training, you should try to accelerate the load force from 1/3 to ½ part of the movement, then keep trying to maintain a constant but high speed, at the end of the movement.

Explosive / Ballistic Training. This speed training technique is most popular today. Explosive means involves recruiting large amounts of muscle fibers very quickly, and is kinetic by continuously accelerating movement, especially in its concentric phase. The effectiveness of this method depends on two factors: 1) Continuous muscle contraction during motion execution is done, plus continuously trying to accelerate movement, all to ensure that the momentum created from that burden does not damage the muscle contractions that often threaten Constant Speed ​​Training; And 2) the recruitment pattern of muscle motor units is more inclined to power.

>> CAT (Compensatory Acceleration Training). In practice (eg Squat), mechanical movements continue to change throughout the movement, as well as muscle contractions also change throughout movement. In the CAT, the athlete deliberately accelerates his movement at the point where the strength begins to recover to keep the muscle contraction high. For example, in a squat, strength begins to recover as it passes a critical point as the movement rises and that's when the athlete begins to exert all his energy in this phase.


the advance technique to building the muscle

As long as you do muscle building program, you will be there at some point where you feel your growth is very slow, especially because your body has been accustomed to weight training that you routinely do. Therefore the best way is to start practicing at an advanced level. The point is not just change the pattern of exercise alone, including the techniques / ways you usually practice.

To improve your muscle growth progress, you just need to make some simple changes every two weeks. It will make your muscles shock, and stimulate your muscles to grow faster. Here are 10 tips you can do to go to the advanced level that we quote from Mark S. Dale below:
Make changes to the exercise

This is the most important thing to do, but still many are reluctant to do so. At least you should change your exercise pattern after 8 weeks. Muscles require different forms of exercise to target new muscle groups.
Reduce the reps, add the load

By reducing the reps and adding the weight of the body you have to exert extra force to execute every movement, thus putting more pressure on the muscles and muscles will grow more leverage. If you usually do 10-15 reps, try down to 4-8 reps for a few weeks, at the end of your 1-2-session repetition overhauling your limits.
Reversing your Exercise

Instead of doing the exercises in the same order every week, you can try to reverse the order of your exercises and give them some variety. This will make you stronger than the exercises you do normally.
Shorten the rest time

The less you give your rest time to body recovery between sets, the harder your muscles have to work on the next set. This is more difficult than you think. So make sure you maintain the right position and reduce the burden if you are not able to do it.
Do the drop set technique

Drop set is where you start the exercise with the load you normally use (after heating) then gradually reduce the burden and add repetition until you are not able to do it. Suppose you start barbell curl at 30 kg by doing 8 reps, in the next set you use 25 kg load by adding reps, then down 5 kg again and repetition is added again, until so on until you are unable to do it.
Perform super set techniques

The super set technique is where you do 2 (or more) exercises simultaneously or otherwise opposite. Suppose you do a superset to train the chest muscles as well as back muscles in turn. This technique is great for improving your metabolic system and is suitable for those of you who do not have much time to practice in the gym.
Separate the exercise of each bodypart

If you have not done a split routine, you should do it. You can do leg exercises in one day and upper body the next day, or divide your workout routines several days with different bodypart if you are in the gym every day.
Use Ball Stability

Most people think practicing with a stability ball does not give much influence to the muscles. But the statement is wrong. The stability ball can help you to vary an excellent balance exercise for your body.
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This is the easiest and most common technique for you who want to step up to the advanced level. If you increase the load you use on a regular basis then you will get stronger, the muscles will work harder which impact on the increase in muscle mass.
Varying the exercises

This is the simplest method of the others. You can choose to do barbell bench press, but switch to dumbbells so as to create different variations on the muscles. The key is to vary the exercise.

The 10 ways above are some of the techniques you can use to prevent stagnation or stuck. But not everyone has the same way, sometimes some have tried the technique but it does not work. For that the key is to cheat your muscles with the exercise program is also a different burden, so that the muscles do not adapt to the exercises you do. Do not forget to keep with the right diet and adequate rest for muscle recovery is torn due to weight training.